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Poluj na zjawiskowe okazy do 40 proc. taniej! Doskonałe rozwiązanie, jesli chcesz wymienić biżuterię na coś nowego.

If that lavishing chain necklace you bought five years ago doesn’t seem so appealing anymore and you’d like to exchange it for something new, we have a very attractive solution for you. Place your necklace in our rental / outlet. The “admission fee” is 50 zł – the cost of making a photo packshot and possibly refreshing the jewelry (if necessary). We will put the necklace out for sale, for a price consulted with you (20-40% off the original price, the amount depends on the condition of the jewelry). If we manage to sell the chain to another client, you will receive a voucher to use during the following six months, worth the price your chain was sold at. At our outlet you’ll also find jewelry coming from other clients – you may hunt an astonishing piece for up to 40% less!


  1. Jewelry placed for Commission Sale must come from the Kate&Kate boutique or e-shop.
  2. For each piece of jewelry placed for Commission Sale and sold, a contract is signed between the Comission Merchant (Seller) and the Consignor (Client).
  3. The Consignor is obliged to sign the Commission Contract within a maximum of 7 days after the date of handing over the product to the Commission Merchant or withdrawing it.
  4. The Consignor is obliged to hand over a product free from flaws, be it physical or legal. If physical flaws have appeared due to use, they need to be reported and such an information must be mentioned in the Commission Contract.
  5. The Commission Merchant doesn’t assume responsibility for physical or legal flaws of the product for Commission Sale.
  6. Any physical flaws reported by the Consignor will be mentioned in the description of the Product on the E-Shop’s website and are not subject to the procedure of any Return of Faulty Goods or Warranty.
  7. The Consignor declares that objects put for Comission Sale have been used and are her/his own property, and are not subject to rights of third parties.
  8. The Consignor pays an non refundable fee of 50 zł to put the Product for Commission Sale and possibly an additional cost of preparing the Product for sale. This amount is settled after consulting a specialist within 7 days from delivering the Product for Commission Sale.
  9. If the Product had been previously put up for sale in the E-Shop and the Commission Merchant already owns pictures of the Product which enable its presentation in the E-Shop, the non-refundable fee may be lowered to 15 zł.
  10. The Consignor may resolve the Contract if he doesn’t accept the costs related to preparing the Product for Commission Sale. In this case the Product is returned within at least 3 business days from the moment the Consignor reports such a will.
  11. The Consignor may resolve the Contract without giving any reason. Such a will must be reported at least 3 business days before collecting the Product.
  12. The Commission Seller may refuse to place a Product for Commission Sale without giving any reason.
  13. The cost of the Product is estimated after consultancy between the Commission Seller and the Consignor. The original selling price is lowered by approximately 20-40%.
  14. The Product is placed for Commission Sale for a period of maximum 12 months. After this amount of time, the Contract is automatically resolved. The Consignor is obliged to collect the Product within 7 business days starting from the day the Contract ends.
  15. While the Contract about placing the Product for Commission Sale is valid, the Commission Seller may also place the Product for rental at the Kate&Kate Rental.
  16. The Commission Seller claims no right to any commission for renting the jewelry.
  17. Responsibility for any damage to the Product within the Rental is assumed by the Commission Seller.
  18. The commission sale takes place through the E-Shop or the bricks-and-mortar Boutique.
  19. All Products placed for Commission Sale are visibly marked on the Boutique’s website / in the E-Shop.
  20. The sales procedure in the E-Shop is based on the set of rules stated in the Terms and conditions.
  21. The Consignor will be informed about the sale of the Product she/he put for Commission Sale no later than 14 days after the day it was sold. The account is settled in the form of a Voucher valid in both the E-Shop and the Kate&Kate bricks-and-mortar Boutique within 6 months starting from the day it was issued.

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