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Unique jewelry for men. The Pig&Hen brand was founded in 2013 by two friends: Dominic Bakker and Ruter Versluis. The name is an homage to the Dutch discoverers of the early 17th century. They used to tattoo pigs and hens on themselves for good luck, because in case of a shipwreck, it was the hens and pigs crates that would remain floating. The tattoos were giving them hope of surviving the hardest storms and seeing dry land again.

All Pig&Hen bracelets are hand made in Amsterdam. Working in the brand’s workshop is a blast, and plenty of good tunes. The team members come from very different backgrounds, but they are connected through their passion for fashion, sailing, and details. The bracelets need to be durable, and so they are made from Dutch sailing rope, and closed with shackles made of military-grade steel. One purchase that will look good for ages!

Men’s fashion is finally becoming less taboo. Thanks to modern icons, like Harry Styles or Lil Nas X, gentlemen are more likely to experiment with accessories. And that’s great! Why should this way of expression be reserved for only one gender? We should buy our boyfriends and husbands male jewelry to encourage them!